Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WW#91 Berzumba Party Untuk Malaysia Book of Records

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Tarikh 18 Januari 2015 (Ahad)
Tempat Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

7 negara... 15 instructors.. 5845 orang peserta.. 90 minit tanpa henti
we created the Malaysian Book of Records for The Largest Zumba Fitness Party!!

 photo Picture1_zpse7dc3a72.jpg
 photo Picture2_zps24981b54.jpg
 photo Picture3_zpsbbf5a5b2.jpg
 photo Picture4_zps4dae9c4b.jpg
 photo Picture5_zps4fb76843.jpg

 photo Picture6_zpseefb1629.jpg
 photo Picture7_zps25aa7ca6.jpg
 photo Picture8_zps7a381a89.jpg
 photo Picture9_zpsee730625.jpg
 photo Picture10_zps5fdd857d.jpg
 photo Picture11_zpsc967433f.jpg


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